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A Functional Medicine Approach to Optimize Health & Wellness

As a functional medicine practitioner, I am guided by an all-encompassing approach to achieving great health that aims to holistically address the complexity of your presenting medical condition, including predisposing and contributing factors, along with your personal health-related attitudes, thought patterns and behaviors.

Together, we will explore ways to restore wellbeing by healing your body from inside out, looking for root causes, and finding answers to your health challenges. You'll be surprised to discover how much your genes, lifestyle, diet, gut microbiome, emotions, and environment influence your manifestation of "dis-ease" and lifeflow.

Please note that my clinical practice philosophy doesn't just focus on the use of medication for temporary symptomatic relief, but emphasizes the importance of nutrition, detoxification, hormonal balance, quality sleep, regular exercise, and stress reduction, areas where most individuals can make proactive changes on daily basis.

If you would like to learn more and see if this approach is right for you, feel free to request a complimentary discovery call.

Your partner in health,

Camelia Ades, ARNP, FNP-BC, MSN, MPH

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Clinical and Consulting Services
  • Medical Consultations and Wellness Programs

  • Comprehensive Testing/Laboratory Evaluation

  • Personalized Nutritional Plans

  • Hormonal and Metabolic Balancing

  • Integrative Dermatology (Medical & Cosmetic)

  • Holistic Women's Health Services

  • Health and Wellness Group Visits/Online Classes

  • Public Event Speaking and Clinical Consulting

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